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First of all, thank you for taking the time to view this page.

My musician alias is Python Blue, a name that has been lucky enough to have made some press in the synthwave, 80s revival, and game music communities. My albums have been frequently reviewed on Synthetix.FM, and original pieces have been used in games such as NeonXSZ.

Fact of the matter is that despite my small successes, I am on a shoestring budget, which is what led to this campaign geared for my music. Any donations to this Patreon are deeply appreciated.

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Python Blue
Python Blue is the alias of an American musician of rapidly-growing talent yet nostalgic thoughts. Instead of typical soundtrack-style composers, who combine a Hans-Zimmer orchestra with electric guitars, industrial synths and the like, Python Blue is dedicated to the synth-pop sound of the past.

Enjoy the selections here!

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